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bixb00127 post(s)
#11-Jan-10 21:03

ArcGIS 10 has finally arrived; well, sort of. Honestly, this can only make Manifold 9 look even better. ArcGIS 10 was always the unicorn, i.e., 64-bit, multi-threaded, etc..., but it seems to be more of a pony donning a party hat.


2,064 post(s)
#11-Jan-10 22:48

There's a bit about it at James Fee's blog:

Perhaps Manifold will finally play their hand?

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teconner7396 post(s)
#13-Jan-10 10:11

The secrets out: ArcGIS 10, 64-bit CUDA enabled, with all new spatial SQL functionality, IMS included. $8,145 price reduction, limited time only. The next question would be.... Will it arrive before Manifold 8.x/9.0?

Mark_W1 post(s)
#13-Jan-10 11:19

Certainly will, it's due out Q2 2010, so a year before Manifold 9.0 would be my guess..

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