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#03-Jun-09 07:02

A new update for Manifold 8 is now available.

Changes since previous update:

  • (Fix) Database Console and other tools no longer sometimes fail to work with SDE geodatabases on Oracle.

  • (Fix) Importing KML files no longer fails to correctly parse metric without Z coordinates.

  • (Fix) Importing VMAP data no longer sometimes misses areas made out of lines with multiple branches.

  • (Fix) Importing TAIF data no longer sometimes uses incorrect metric for areas with multiple branches.

  • (Fix) Importing BNA files no longer sometimes uses incorrect metric for objects with multiple branches.

  • (Fix) Creating contours on a surface with invalid pixel values no longer creates objects with invalid metric.

  • Error and status messages used by the geocoding engine have been made more descriptive.

  • (Fix) Detection of read-only tables on OLE DB data sources no longer sometimes marks certain SQL Server tables as read-only.

The update is available for Manifold 8 editions and Manifold 8 x64 editions.

For instructions on installing and using updates, see the Manifold System Updates page.

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