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#03-Feb-09 08:06

A new update for Manifold 8 is now available.

Changes since previous update:

  • (Fix) The Spline transform no longer sometimes produces jumps due to lack of normalization.

  • (Fix) Parsing an Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY value no longer crashes on a multi-point entity with exactly one point.

  • (Fix) Creating new table with fields via a script no longer sometimes creates an invalid table if the fields were taken from another table object.

  • (Fix) Searching for the topmost modal dialog via user interface scripting correctly ignores the help window.

  • (Fix) Parsing a coordinate system from a WKT no longer fails to recognize some coordinate systems found in DB2 installations.

  • (Fix) Interpolating a surface from contours using DEST no longer sometimes fails to complete or produces erroneous results.

The update is available for Manifold 8 editions and Manifold 8 x64 editions.

For instructions on installing and using updates, see the Manifold System Updates page.

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