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#11-Dec-08 06:38

A new update for Manifold 8 is now available.

Changes since previous update:

  • There are coordinate system presets for Finnish EUREF coordinate systems.

  • (Fix) Querying field names and text data values via the Manifold ODBC driver no longer sometimes crashes.

  • (Fix) Using the InterpolateRow function in the Surface - Transform dialog no longer crashes on certain configurations of invisible pixels.

  • (Fix) Attempting to display the area of a component covered by a layout bound to it no longer crashes if the layout does not contain the body element for the component.

  • (Fix) Attempting to use certain flavors of JPEG2K files such as those generated by NAIP no longer sometimes crashes.

  • (Fix) Switching between components no longer sometimes produces screen garbage.

  • (Fix) Layout windows no longer disable the File - Print command for blank layouts.

  • (Fix) Scale escape sequences used in text layout elements correctly truncate scale values to the desired number of decimal digits.

  • (Fix) Degree-minute-second lat/lon escape sequences used in text layout elements no longer display decimal minutes.

The update is available for Manifold 8 editions and Manifold 8 x64 editions.

For instructions on installing and using updates, see the Manifold System Updates page.

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