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#25-Jul-08 07:25

A new update for Manifold 8 is now available.

Changes since previous update:

  • (Fix) Updating the notes of a currently active component no longer fails to redraw the Notes pane.
  • The error message displayed by the query engine in case of code page mismatch in a pair of text fields (eg, used with a comparison operator) is made more descriptive.
  • (Fix) Attempting to use the Document or Component property of the event arguments object passed to the WindowActivated event handler of an add-in pane no longer fails.
  • (Fix) Launching a complex action which opens a dialog via UI scripting no longer sometimes misfires due to appearances of the progress dialog.
  • The IntersectLine query function can split a line using a point or point set.
  • (Fix) Selecting or deselecting a layout element using a script no longer fails to redraw layout windows showing the altered layout.
  • (Fix) Importing a coordinate system from a PRJ file correctly recognizes several cases of the single-parallel variant of the Lambert Conformal Conic projection.
  • (Fix) Attempting to manipulate the Go To dialog and several other dialogs using a script no longer sometimes fails due to timing problems.
  • (Fix) Importing a drawing from a DWG file no longer creates two copies of each intrinsic field.
  • Connecting to PostgreSQL data sources forces client encoding to UTF8 whenever possible, to avoid misinterpreting text data with non-English characters.
  • (Fix) Reading WKB values with Z and M data no longer sometimes fails.
  • (Fix) Altering data in a table or drawing using a script with UI scripting objects no longer sometimes fails.
  • (Fix) Converting geometry values to WKB correctly handles branched lines.
  • Exporting geometry values to an Oracle data source converts values with too many coordinates to NULLs.
  • (Fix) Reconnecting to a PostgreSQL data source no longer sometimes produces duplicates in the list of available drawings.
  • Reading and writing data from PostgreSQL and native Oracle data sources caches types of complex fields, reducing the number of queries issued against the data source.
  • (Fix) Importing 16-bit contiguous TIFF files no longer sometimes produces garbled results.
  • (Fix) Exporting data to a E00, MFD, MIF, SDTS or SHP file using a script no longer requires specifying names of exported fields in case-sensitive manner.
  • (Fix) Setting properties of a table field using UI scripting no longer sometimes fails to work.
  • (Fix) Selecting pixels using the Select Touch tool in palette images no longer produces incorrect results.
  • The Custom toolbar used for add-in commands preserves docking state between different sessions of Manifold.
  • (Fix) The IN query operator no longer sometimes produces incorrect results.
  • (Fix) Exporting a layout to an AI file no longer fails to correctly clip rotated data.
  • (Fix) Exporting a layout to an AI file no longer fails to correctly rotate text elements.
  • (Fix) Exporting a layout to an AI file no longer sometimes fails to correctly render area patterns.
  • Geocoding incomplete addresses works better.
  • (Fix) Geocoding data using MapPoint Europe no longer reports success even if there are no matches with usable lat/lon coordinates.
  • (Fix) Importing Z values for a 3D entity in a DXF file no longer produces wrong data for coordinates with Z values inherited from the entity.
  • (Fix) Attempting to use the ConvertForward and ConvertInverse methods of the CoordinateSystem object no longer sometimes fails.
  • (Fix) Using the Diversity, DiversityIndex, MeanValue and similar functions with CUDA on large surfaces no longer sometimes crashes.

The update is available for Manifold 8 editions and Manifold 8 x64 editions.

For instructions on installing and using updates, see the Manifold System Updates page.

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