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#04-Apr-08 01:48

A new update for Manifold 8 is now available.

Changes since previous update:

  • (Fix) Exporting a drawing to a MIF file converts '-' in field names to '_'.

  • (Fix) Importing a drawing from a TAB file no longer converts fixed-length text fields to variable-length ones.

  • (Fix) Attempting to interpolate a surface from a set of points with constant Z using Kriging no longer hangs. (First reported by Ketch Lorne.)

  • (Fix) Geocoding data to a zip code centroid no longer returns incorrect data due to a problem in the Manifold Geocoding Data set. (First reported by Tanya Unangst.)

  • (Fix) Importing an image from a Northwood GRC / GRD file no longer shifts the image half-pixel up and right. (First reported by John Gilmer.)

  • (Fix) Exporting a drawing to a MIF / MID file pair writes variable-length text fields as 254-character ones, not 255-character.

  • (Fix) Importing or exporting a coordinate system from or to a PRJ file correctly handles Greek coordinate systems. (First reported by Alexandros Malounis.)

  • (Fix) Adding a coordinate to a segment of a drawing object in a map window no longer uses wrong coordinate values if the coordinate system of the drawing differs from that of the map. (First reported by Asko Kontinen.)

  • Importing an image or surface from an ERDAS IMG file performs significantly faster. (First reported by Dan Borman.)

  • (Fix) Importing an image or surface from an ERDAS IMG file no longer sometimes fails to correctly uncompress tiles. (First reported by Dan Borman.)

  • (Fix) Editing a drawing linked from SQL Server 2008 using versions no longer fails.

  • (Fix) The Value() function in the Surface - Transform dialog no longer fails to work.

  • (Fix) Performing a transform on a linked drawing no longer fails to stop with an error if it can not write data to the drawing during the metric normalization phase.

  • (Fix) The report of the number of coordinates in the surface interpolation dialog is no longer misleading. (Thanks to Colin Driscoll.)

  • Components linked from the same PostgreSQL data source shared the same database connection.

  • (Fix) Using data on a PostgreSQL data source no longer sometimes leaks a database connection.

  • (Fix) Attempting to delete a running script (eg, while it is stopped on a breakpoint) no longer succeeds. (First reported by Klaus Engelberg.)

  • (Fix) Using CUDA on a large surface no longer sometimes runs out of resources due to module leaks. (First reported by Ben Sigrist and Kevin Ross.)

The update is available for Manifold 8 editions and Manifold 8 x64 editions.

For instructions on installing and using updates, see the Manifold System Updates page.

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