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#15-Mar-08 06:38

A new update for Manifold 8 is now available.

Changes since previous update:

  • (Fix) The ActiveX control no longer sometimes fails to display properties in a property sheet.

  • (Fix) Shutting down an external process hosting Manifold code (eg, a worker process spawned by a web server [W3WP for IIS 6] or an external application using Manifold via the object model) no longer sometimes crashes due to the incorrect shutdown sequence.

  • Closing a MAP file saving changes no longer refreshes linked components.

  • (Fix) Exporting a grayscale image with invisible pixels as a PNG file no longer inverses the alpha channel.

  • (Fix) Coalesce and NullIf query functions handle empty strings as NULLs, similarly to the IS NULL operator.

  • (Fix) Attempting to set the value of a Decimals or Indent property of the ColumnFormat object to 0 no longer fails.

  • (Fix) Using spatial data with Oracle 9 no longer fails to correctly handle coordinate systems.

  • (Fix) Using an Oracle view with spatial data no longer sometimes fails to detect spatial index.

  • (Fix) Query parser no longer fails to parse identifiers starting with the underscore character.

  • (Fix) Capturing a modal dialog via user interface scripting no longer sometimes fails to work in the presence of tooltips.

  • Virtual Earth geocoding server is updated to use the new URLs.

  • (Fix) Importing data from a malformed ADF, DGN, DWG or GRD file no longer has a potential to crash Manifold.

  • (Fix) The RemoveDuplicates method of the Analyzer object no longer fails to work.

  • (Fix) Geocoding data against a geocoding extension MAP file no longer sometimes fails when working with a street segment with the house number range consisting of a single house number.

  • (Fix) Opening a MAP file created by a very old version of Manifold (5.5 or earlier!) no longer sometimes fails.

  • (Fix) Script window no longer fails to update location information in the status bar upon startup.

The update is available for Manifold 8 editions and Manifold 8 x64 editions.

For instructions on installing and using updates, see the Manifold System Updates page.

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