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#10-Jan-07 06:13

Can anyone help me in finding this program?

The file apparently is no longer available...

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#10-Jan-07 21:37

I search the net with the keyword of and got this informative link

I'd like to ask who had ever created this utility being put on the web for the public use. Does the program support full ECW writing, like Manifold? Thanks.


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#10-Jan-07 22:41

The file was put into the public domain 1+ years ago, and I do have a copy of v1.0 (1310Kb). That probably means that I could post it here, for others to download. Perhaps others have a better suggestion for where I might upload it?

I have heard that the author has written a new version* - but I don't know where it can be obtained.

EDIT: Reading an email posted some time ago by (and its subsequent thread) that appeared in Manifold-L - which was kindly re-posted on Manifold-L by Dimitri Rotow - the utility MrSidExtract can convert direct from SID to ECW. Its download URL is also on the RapidShare network (1514Kb) - but I cannot locate it there, now. * For a small price, I would be prepared to buy this new version since it (reportedly) converts SID to ECW in one step, and has some improvements.

~Ian Thomas

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#11-Jan-07 02:06

Ignore about 50% of my earlier post - bad memory.

Surely, all of this is documented somewhere? (I recall now having to create my own docs so I got these things correct)

MrSidDecodeFast.exe is the command-line utility. MrSidExtract is the GUI application, written at about the same time (?October2005), probably by the same person.

The GUI application allows you to batch-process all SID files in a folder (and sub-folders) in one session. Its folder selection dialog could be improved (and, sometimes it is desirable to process only 1 SID file from a folder full of many files).

The command-line version has these parameters that you can use, on a single SID file:


mrsiddecodefast -i input -o output [-info] [-icon] [-x x0] [-y y0] [-s scale] [-w width] [-h height] [-sh strip_height] [-bil] [-bip] [-bsq] [-bmp] [ecw] [-jpeg] [-ntf] [-tiff]

-info Return image info -icon Return icon image -i Input filename -o Output filename -s Window scale -x Window center X-offset -y Window center Y-offset -w Window width -h Window height -sh Strip height -bil BIL output file type -bip BIP output file type -bsq BSQ output file type -bmp BMP output file type -ecw ECW output file type -jpeg JPEG output file type (default) -ntf NITF output file type -tiff TIFF output file type -pwd The password to be used to unlock the image if it is password locked

The square brackets [ ] indicate optional parameters (ie, you can use one or several of them).

Note that a range of file output options is available - .BIL .BIP .BSQ .BMP .ECW .JPG .NTF .TIF

JPEG2000 is NOT an option. JPEG (.JPG) is the default (ie, if you do not specify the output file format).

The -info option would be quite useful - but I've never been able to get all the command-line parameters to work properly.

I am not sure how Manifold does MrSID decoding these days.

The way that I last used Manifold (6.5) to autoprocess .SID files, it assumed that the LizardTech decode utility was in its "command-line", and that the default output format was TIF - which then meant that Manifold loaded the resultant TIF file. Who wants to load TIF when ECW is available? Not me.

If Manifold allowed its command-line (settings string) to accept a long string, then we users would be able to use the full capabilities of MrSidDecodefast (ie, a number of those parameters above), and load an appropriate end-result file (which might be an .ECW file).

Just thinking out loud here - maybe I'm wrong again (it often happens).

~Ian Thomas
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#11-Jan-07 11:04

Here are my copies.


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#30-Mar-07 13:25

Yes this is a great find - thank you - Len

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#16-Oct-07 08:48

Thanks eh.


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#16-Oct-07 09:25

Added the files and an edited thread to Manipedia

Spatial Knowledge, my personal blog.

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#30-Mar-07 16:06

If your willing to use jpeg 2000, you can convert sid files directly to jp2 using the export utility available with OpenEV_FW. You don't need to open the file in the viewer to convert it, just open the convert menu, select your input and output files (you need to add the jp2 extension on the output file), for large files use the jp2kak option, the compressor from ERmapper (ecw) wont work on files that would be greater than 500Mb uncompressed.


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