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#06-Jun-24 09:44

Hi everyone, I'm trying to create an offset line (in this instance a fenceline) to an existing line. My thought was to create a buffer to the existing line, and then use the buffer edge to create the new line. This works perfectly if the offset intersect (change in direction) is less than 180 degrees, but not if it's over as the buffer creates a curve. I need it to stay straight on the outer curve until it meets the new section. I hope that makes sense, I'll add a screenshot. Is there a simple way to achieve this?


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#07-Jun-24 14:09

Like this? (from

There is that exposes such funtions to Manifold 9.

I attached mxb and my add-in .zip.

This zip is a newer build than on github. paste the contents of zip under {manifold}\extras\



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#12-Jun-24 08:18

Thanks! Might be very usefull someday.


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#12-Jun-24 12:31

Double thanks, I needed that, worked well.

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