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Louise Semaj78 post(s)
#03-Jun-24 00:23

On trying to save I am coming up with an error - Can't write data to stream. I have also tried to save to a different file name but strike the same issue. Also seems to happen on a number (all?) of my .map files. I am running Manifold V8 Build and Windows 10. . I also have V9 Manifold, perhaps I need to try to open and edit there? Any help very much appreciated. Kind regards


642 post(s)
#03-Jun-24 01:18

Hard drive space?

From memory, M8 would return that error for either a corrupt component, or lack of disc space.


7,452 post(s)
#03-Jun-24 05:34

Or just lack of permissions, or trying to write to a read-only data source, or trying to write to something that's open in another session or program, etc.

Louise Semaj78 post(s)
#03-Jun-24 07:56

Many thanks for your prompt reply here. I will give the disk space a go.

Louise Semaj78 post(s)
#03-Jun-24 07:55

Excellent, Many thanks. Yes Disk space I think. Very much appreciated.

Louise Semaj78 post(s)
#03-Jun-24 09:47

I am chuffed!. Cleaned up some disk space and things are again working. Really appreciate the comments here. Thanks again

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