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mike24681 post(s)
#01-Jun-24 21:25

After updating ArcGIS Pro to Version 3.3.0, I can no longer open SQL for ArcGIS Pro from the Add-In tab. When I click on the "Open SQL" button in the sql4arc group on the Add-In tab, it causes ArcGIS Pro to "lock up" and I have to use Task Manager to close ArcGIS Pro (i.e., end task). FYI, I'm currently using SQL for ArcGIS Version 9.0.181.

Has anyone else experienced this after upgrading to ArcGIS Pro 3.3.0?


7,452 post(s)
#02-Jun-24 05:47

I haven't upgraded to 3.30, but I'm not surprised. Pro upgrades can break add-ins and this may require an update to SQL for ArcGIS Pro. I've reported it.


7,452 post(s)
#02-Jun-24 07:02

I'm using 3.2 and that works fine, but I don't want to upgrade to 3.3.0, so I can't send all the additional details a good report requires.

When you installed sql4arc, did you install using the windows installer or a portable version?

When you upgraded to 3.3.0, was the add-in already there with Add-in Manager?

Does it work if in 3.3.0 you manually remove the sql4arc add-in from ArcGIS Pro by using Add-In Manager, and then add it again as described in the installation topic?

pjduplooy3 post(s)
#03-Jun-24 18:28

Hi guys

I just checked. I use AGP 3.3 and sql4arc 9.0.181 (zip version), and I do not experience any of the OP's problems. Everything works as it should

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