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Home - General / All posts - Using Mfd 9 WMS in a Mfd 8 project
Mike Pelletier

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#21-May-24 21:54

Can Manifold 8 read a WMS image created by Manifold 9 Server and if so how do you set it up? I can connect to it using the Link OGC WMS tool but it comes in as a static image. Meaning as you zoom in, it just pixelates and doesn't access more detailed tiles.

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#22-May-24 08:38

What did you put for size? It has to be a big number.

Mike Pelletier

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#22-May-24 16:13

Thanks for the tip! I had to change it to 10,000,000,000 to get full resolution. Unfortunately, there is a Manifold watermark on every tile making it not a realistic option. FWIW, it did allow me to use 9 for converting the projection to one that Mfd 8 likes. It also, allowed me to access a WMS site that requires a login to use in Mfd 8.

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#23-May-24 07:54

When can we expect to get that watermark out of the way, anytime soon? Or is just not a realistic wms option?


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#23-May-24 14:21

Future builds will drop it for Server edition, but it will stay in Universal edition.

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