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#13-May-24 14:27

Recently I stumbled upon a post of Geoff Boeing about road orientation of major world cities. I decided to do the same for 96 cities (actually more than 2500 cities and villages) in the Netherlands.

The charts show the orientation of the roads for a city. Both direction and relative length.

It was fun to use manifold in such a way

USNO - Abc.png

hphillips32 post(s)
#13-May-24 15:02

This is very cool. Tufte would like it. Thanks for bringing Geoff's work to our attention and demonstrating similar analysis for cities of the Netherlands using Manifold.


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#13-May-24 15:21

Excellent work. Did you do this in 9 or 8? Also, did you make the charts in Manifold, or simply export the data into a charting program and then make the charts?


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#13-May-24 18:23

I made everything with M9. The charts are composed of a couple of drawings based on queries. The image is a direct export from Manifold.


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#13-May-24 22:13


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#13-May-24 22:16

This is amazing, I wouldn't even know where to begin trying to generate this with 9. Obviously zero obligation to share your great work here, but I would love to see the project if you were inclined. Cheers!

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#13-May-24 23:13

It's a very impressive experiment. Thanks for sharing it!

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