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eolsonAG25 post(s)
#09-May-24 19:27

I am trying to update imagery for any or all of our projects, but my coworker and I seem to have a different setup.

I use the "File -> Link -> Image -> Manifold Imager Server() -> Virtual Earth Satellite Image" method the same way he does. However, when he pulls in an image it saves to a cloud location where he can do and delete any old imagery. You can see the project update in real time when he does this, and the folder of image tiles refreshes with the newest available options.

I can't seem to find any folder like this on my computer. I thought the linked image in the project was pulling from some online database and therefore couldn't be manipulated as my coworker showed me. However, it appears that his setup allows him to store images in a folder and access them to update manually.

I guess this issue may resolve more in my computer's file storage method, but I am hoping someone has run into this issue before or knows more about the image servers. I have tried updating the image server .dll file as the documentation states, but that didn't resolve my issue.




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#09-May-24 20:21

Just a guess, check Tools>Options>Data Cache. It is likely pointing to %MyDocuments% which on most Windows OS no longer exists. Change to %Documents%.

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eolsonAG25 post(s)
#10-May-24 10:31

This helped me solve the problem! Thank you!


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#10-May-24 07:16

You can't alter the styling of an image that is inside a read-only data source, but you can alter the styling of an image that is inside the read/write section of a project.

See this topic for how that works. That's a 9 topic but I believe it's relevant to 8 (I only use 9 with image servers).

eolsonAG25 post(s)
#10-May-24 10:32

Thank you for the help. I resolved the problem, but I and appreciate your time to assist me.

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