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#08-May-24 17:11


Is anyone here running both M9 and M8 on a Mac with Silicon Chips using Parallels? Just checking.


How soon?

wvayens109 post(s)
#08-May-24 18:32

I've pretty much moved everything over to M9 on my Mac with Parallels, every now and then will use M8 for something it does better. Manifold in Parallels works just great for me.

ChristopherG44 post(s)
#15-May-24 00:53

Did you have to do anything special regarding system paths? I ask because while 9 runs perfectly, its frankly still a terrible mapping tool compared to 8. But when I moved across from Windows to Mac/Parallels I find 8 doesn't load properly. See the history pane image below:

ChristopherG44 post(s)
#15-May-24 01:35

Looking through the forums I found this reference. Going to see if this fixes it.

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#21-May-24 20:29

I have Manifold installed on my Macbook Air with the M1 chip. I use Parallels as the virtual machine and Windows 11 as the operating system. I had to move the virtual machine onto a USB-C SSD due to limitations with the amount of memory the Macbook has and the size of the internal disk. They work quite well, provided that you will be using half of the available cores and however much memory you allot to the virtual machine. Big data applications will drag on a bit.

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