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L8mackey2 post(s)
#25-Apr-24 17:22

If I missed this in a YouTube, etc. Apologies but if someone could point me in a direction

I am trying to load Bathymetry data into a map. I seem to be able to load a grid file with the data into Manifold and it creates a table but the visualization is a blob of black, Have not zoomed in but assume it`s all the points from the grid data.

What I am trying to get to is a relief map (color vs depth) and ideally as the cursor moves around it displays X, Y, and Z in the current projection coordinates (ie Lat, Long, and Depth)



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#25-Apr-24 19:06

Do you have a link to the bathymetric data you used? chances are that the style needs adjusting.

In manifold you use either channel overlay or an individual channel as a classified symbology. Often enough default values loaded don't really display correctly and I suspect this is the case. You might have to review

L8mackey2 post(s)
#30-Apr-24 16:25

I am starting from gridded data for Bathymetry not an ESRI layer.

We work with survey data that we collect so I am dealing with data that has not been processed for use with ESRI. We have the same issue with ESRI trying to go from gridded data to a layer that shows 3D data in a 2D presentation but we still need access use the Elevation/Depth data both as a displayed layer but also as data so I can tell what the depth of water is at a Lat;Long position


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#01-May-24 00:23

Firstly, welcome!

Can you post, or make available a sample of your data?

You gridded data is points, and have the default style, hence the black. If you really want to view gridded ie point data, style the points, other wise transform the grid to a raster. The raster can be relief shaded, blended with mean slope or other derivatives.

Styling rasters is straight forward, read the manual, watch the videos.

Search the manual, and have a look at the ever useful videos. Here's the process described above

If you are running M9, you cannot inspect a single pixel for depth value. Creating isobaths from the raster is quick, really quick.

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