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#18-Apr-24 15:24

Hi everyone. As a thought experiment, I starting thinking about the possibilities that could arise from web-enabling a Layout in Manifold. This idea came to me after using Esri's Experience Builder, which is a really good product and gets some relatively sophisticated web sites up quickly.

It's been nice to see Manifold Server get made, but as most of us have mentioned, it's been almost a year since Manifold has released anything of substance to the community. This video is only 3 minutes long, but it is an attempt to illustrate what possibilities exist if Manifold Server could potentially serve Layout components. The video is in Manifold 8 (due to some nice features there with charts, etc.), but you'll get the point. So, while this still isn't Experience Builder, it is an extremely fast way to spin up interactive web sites linking maps, tables, charts, and graphs - all within a single user interface and with virtually no coding necessary (read: no learning how to use a separate product).

This might be a good though piece for us to discuss when thinking about what the user community would want, once Manifold gets back developing 9.

note: this is an abbreviated video of something I had sent in to Manifold.


Mike Pelletier

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#18-Apr-24 17:23

Yes, this would indeed be very useful. Really nice if it could be multi-page to allow the story map approach. Manifold's value in being simple to use and all in one product is of course great, but I'm afraid the history with 9 is sometimes half baking features. My guess (hope) is they really don't like to repeat work and are still working on getting the underlying infrastructure setup. Bottom line, is a web enabled layout needs to be feature rich enough to bother. End users care about the product, not how easy it was for you to setup.

Mike Pelletier

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#18-Apr-24 17:55

Hopefully Manifold is keeping an eye out for a charting app that they could provide easy interaction with, similar to what they did with Kobo for data collection. We discussed it a bit here.

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