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#09-Apr-24 08:48


I went through this thread :, it is from 2018

maybe new solution have emerged since that date.

I need to take gps points, take photos on the field, answer questions in a form, submit the answer on the cloud,


1. report each answer as a pdf/word file including the photos

2. download all answers in Manifold

The surveyor will only have basic smartphones

On the field there might be no internet. (so uploading the answers might be done at the end of the day/week, when the surveyors reach a zone with internet access)

I have to collect ~1000 points per campaign

questions of the campaign of collection will change from 1 campaign to another, it would be perfect if the campaign administrators can change the question without heavy tech support

What tool would you use for that?

I use to use MapIt but the photo are stored on the smartphone and not exported with the points.


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#09-Apr-24 10:07

Have a look at Kobo. I don't know if it fulfills all your requirements, but is worth taking a look.


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#09-Apr-24 21:20

See the Manifold website page on collecting data in the field.

Also the corrected link for the User Manual topic on using Kobo is:

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#10-Apr-24 07:17

Seems very interesting;

Some colleagues told me also about ONA, I will study those solutions

Thank you very much!

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#10-Apr-24 07:46

I should test it, but I'm not sure how the process of taking photos in the field works in relation to the database storage ?

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#10-Apr-24 07:27


I personally use qfield in various data acquisition context in the field on tablet or smartphones.

I found it more easy to set the offline background map up

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