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Diellza1 post(s)
#04-Apr-24 13:11

Hi all,

I need to check the precision of the data represented in WKT, specifically for floating numbers. Does anyone know how many digits can a WKT value have?




7,433 post(s)
#06-Apr-24 11:47

Don't know. The OGR specification doesn't say in the "numbers" section in page 13 at

But as a practical matter, what is the real-life application where it matters when it comes to Manifold? Manifold has a float64 numeric type, which allows precision down to far greater detail than anything encountered in real life in GIS. (See )

So what's the real-life use case where it matters whether or not WKT could have more digits past the decimal point than what can be represented in float64?

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