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cycloxslug71 post(s)
#02-Apr-24 21:28

I'm using imagery from OGRIP - a public aerial imagery repository (example file available here:

Images open fine in QGIS and are properly located. Files imported into Manifold 9 end up placed in Massachusetts, despite seemingly successfully recognizing the projection from the metadata. What am I doing wrong?




<mapprojn>NAD 1983 HARN StatePlane Ohio South FIPS 3402 Feet</mapprojn>











<plance>row and column</plance>









<horizdn>D North American 1983 HARN</horizdn>

<ellips>GRS 1980</ellips>






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#03-Apr-24 05:15

The .zip file unzips into a .tif and a .tfw "world" file and .xml. The .tif is a perfectly good, accurate geotiff that imports just fine if you remove (or rename by adding a - character to the front of their names) the .tfw and .xml files.

It's a classic case of a perfectly good GeoTIFF being messed up by sidecar files that specify something incorrectly. See the "Projections from Accessory Files" section of the Projections topic in for how what's in sidecar files will override the projection info, if any, specified within the main file.

The imported image is shown below overlaid on a google satellite layer in 9:


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