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#20-Feb-24 14:27

I am trying to import and export a greyscale land cover .tiff image in Manifold. When I import the .tiff - Manifold converts it to RGBa. And even if I convert it to a paletted image in Manifold - it exports it as RGBa, when I export as .tiff or .bmp or whatever.

Is there any way to keep a greyscale image as such for import and export? I don't want to lose the land cover classes as defined in greyscale through all of the conversion into RGB...

Thanks for any help.



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#20-Feb-24 19:04

The Image Types user manual topic may help. I imported an RGBa image, used the Image - Convert to command to convert it into a grayscale image, and then exported it to tiff. Importing it into PhotoShop indicated it was still a grayscale image. Importing the tiff back into 8 and it was still a grayscale.

#20-Feb-24 19:18

Thanks Dimitri. It was in QGIS that the exported paletted image was being read as RGBa - so perhaps that's where I need to troubleshoot the import.


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#21-Feb-24 01:30

If you convert to 16-bit greyscale in M8, then export, then the (mis)interpretation options elsewhere become more limited.

Try that?

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