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stephenbc29 post(s)
#05-Feb-24 20:24

I have a drawing with lines that are in a UTM projection. I'd like to export the coordinates of each node in UTM (ASCII format), however when I do so, the only coordinate data exported is in Lat Long format. How can I export the UTM format?


7,420 post(s)
#06-Feb-24 07:31

Not sure what you're doing now, but assuming you want a table that is a list of all the coordinates (vertices/nodes) of each of the lines with the X and Y value for each coordinate, here is what I'd do:

1. Use the Split transform on the Geom field using the coordinates option to create a new table. That will be a table that has points for each node of every line. It will inherit the attributes from the lines, so if you have a Line ID field or Name or whatever you can use that to keep track of which node came from which line.

2. Open that new table and use the Copy transform to copy the coordinate x and coordinate y from each Geom into new fields in the table (I called them x coord and y coord). Those will be values in whatever is the coordinate system used, like UTM or Pseudo Mercator or whatever.

You can now export that table, deleting any fields not of interest (like the Geom field) before export. I just did the above and it took me about a minute for both steps.

There are other ways to get lists of coordinates of each node. For example,:

1. open your table with line geoms and add a text field called "wkt" or "geojson".

2. In the Transform pane choose the wkt or geojson text field, and choose the Compose template.

3. compose wkt or geojson from the Geom field.

That will create a text field, one for each line, that gives you the coordinates for each node of the line using WKT or GeoJSON notation. Again, the coordinates will be given using whatever coordinate system is in use. You can then export the table.

I just did the above and it also took only a minute or two.

stephenbc29 post(s)
#18-Feb-24 02:39

Thanks for the response. I Haven't used Manifold (v8) in over 10 years and even then I was a light user. Would you be able to provide a little hand holding here? I don't know what you mean regarding 'Split create a new table. I'm unable to translate your direction into workflow in the s/w.



7,420 post(s)
#18-Feb-24 05:15

The workflow I gave is for Release 9. I don't use 8 for such things, but when I get some time I'll look into to that, if somebody else on the forum doesn't beat me to it.

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#18-Feb-24 07:20

There is a way to do this in 8, of course. But it is a total PIA, because besides splitting into coords, you must make your own coord index (none being provided automatically); nor is it 100% reliable (because the means of making a coord index can add spurious coords).

So, shorter answer: do this in 9--as easy as farting in bed.

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