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Mike Pelletier

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#21-Nov-23 23:33

Any reason why a map using orthographic projection should not display in a layout? The map will add to the layout but it doesn't display or allow clicking on it to zoom in or out.

orthographic layout issue.mxb


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#22-Nov-23 00:41

The only way I could get it to work is to reproject the coastline layer (a copy) to the Orthographic projection setting.. Then it would allow the double-click zoom mode for the component frame in layout. The viewport in layout is not the same as the viewport in Map component, so I don't think it could handle rendering on the fly the lat-long --> ortho. That is my guess. I would make a copy of the orthographic layer you want to display, make the map and layout based on that and then see if some other reference layers get rendered in.


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#22-Nov-23 09:35

Strictly speaking, you can't use a "whole world" data set in Orthographic, which by definition shows only one hemisphere of the world centered on the center point of the project. That you can get away with sometimes showing a whole world data set in an Orthographic view, like in the map, is a lucky accident.

In this case if you reproject the ne_10m_coastline drawing to the same "test" projection used in the map, then you can drag and drop the map into the layout as a frame, pick it, etc., and it all works. But that's a lucky accident, just like the map showing the data set without weirdness (which it would show if the data set used areas and not just lines).

Mike Pelletier

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#22-Nov-23 15:20

Okay, thanks to you both. I saw the warning in the orthographic projection about having to clip the data and was happy to see with the coastal lines that it was seemingly not necessary and that leaving the data in lat/long was working. Interesting that what works on a map doesn't push through to the layout. Lots going on in the software Ii'm sure. I'll do the extra steps to make it work and be happy that Mfd makes those steps easy.

Mike Pelletier

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#30-Nov-23 15:59

Check out the attached image, which is a series of Google Earth views. I'm curious people's thoughts on the utility of this approach for a world map. I like that the distortion is what you expect when looking at a globe vs projections that distort in ways that are harder to fully appreciate. You can also choose your preferred center points for each view. Compared to a globe it's easier to compare major land masses at a glance. Of course you don't get one seamless view and having to split data into so many groups for each orthographic projection is tedious work.

I do think Manifold could be more appealing to a wider audience if people could use it for making custom world maps that shows their travels, interests, business, etc. Hanging a world map on the wall that you made would be very cool. You could add zoomed in views of your town in between the various views or elsewhere on the layout. If there's enough value to this approach, perhaps Manifold could remove the need to clip data for each view. Thoughts?

Earth views.JPG

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