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julmou29 post(s)
#21-Nov-23 04:17


I am currently exploring data sets showing Native Vegetation, as well as Cadastre (parcels, lots) data.

I have them as ArcGISREST web servers.

Because these are giant data sets, they have some sort of settings in the web server, where the polygons only get displayed at a certain scale.

The issue is that, even without displaying the data sets, just trying to copy or drag the data from the Data Source into the local Manifold workspace, the exported tables are either empty or containing only a portion of the data (whereas the original tables from the data source contain thousands of records).

Any idea how to solve this? I really need to work on this data locally.

julmou29 post(s)
#22-Nov-23 05:01

It's probably best with an example.

The map server address is:

Once the source is added, I'm interested in Cadastre/Lot/Lot Drawing

  1. If you try to display the layer, you will see that the blocks/lots only appear at a certain zoom-level scale, which is fine in itself.
  2. The data set contains 3,310,150 records.
  3. However, when I try to copy and paste the drawing and table (or drag them) into the local workspace, I end up with an empty data set. I also tried using a Transform/Copy on the shape, but I just can't seem to be able to make a local copy of this data...

Thanks in advance for your help.


516 post(s)
#22-Nov-23 06:03

You can download the data by specifying an aoi on this site:

I too grew tired of interacting with the rest server from within manifold, but the portal allows you to get the data themselves, emailed as a download link.

julmou29 post(s)
#22-Nov-23 22:57

Thanks mate. Usually, I get the parcels for the specific LGA (Local Government Area) I want to look at.

However, in this instance, I wanted to get a bigger picture, for a different kind of analysis, which is why I'm interested in getting the full data. Thanks so much! I had forgotten about the link you provided (I feel dumb...), I can indeed download the whole dataset from there.

I am not quite sure what the issue is, I posted this as an example because I've encountered the issue with other ArcGIS REST servers before.

There are other data sets I'm interested in, located on web servers, which I can't seem to be able to copy locally...

The problem seems to surface only with data set which have a render scale. When I copy them locally, either I only get a small portion of the original data, or no data at all.

I'm keen to know if this is a known issue, or if someone has encountered this before.

I was hoping there was a quick Manifold tip/trick I'm aware of, which would allow me to copy the entire data set from the source normally.

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