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#13-Nov-23 18:21

I have happily used Manifold 8.0 for years as my workhorse GIS - and I have finally figured out that you can change the "language" for a field in a table - and successfully get the right special characters for the entries for that field. The data I am working with has syllabic characters in Inuktitut. If I change the "language" of this field to 65001-UTF8 - I get the right characters in the field.

When I create labels from this field however, it does not recognize the language - and displays them with incorrect garbage characters - even though the field I am calling on now appears correctly.

Is there any way to force the Labels layer to read this field with the correct language setting (V8.0)?

Thank you.

#20-Nov-23 15:37

I hope I haven't posted this in the wrong place. It would be great if anyone had thoughts on this. I had given up on special characters long ago - but since I've learned to change the language of the field, I feel like there must be a way for the labels to read these correctly.

Fingers crossed someone has an idea here.

Many thanks.

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