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Home - General / All posts - geomBearing not showing by Google in user manual M9
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#08-Nov-23 11:53

It looks like searching for "geomBearing" does not appear in Google search on at top level. Why not ?

However it appears one must know to look on to find the function.

It would be nice to find allfunctions in the user manual (indeed also at top level) for more explanations and / or examples.

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#08-Nov-23 12:25

This is Google Search's autocorrect in action.

Not ideal, true.

I've tripped over this a couple of times.

You have to click "Search instead for geomBearing"

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#08-Nov-23 14:05


I tripped over this . So simple.

Thank you.

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#14-Nov-23 23:57

"Otto carrick" strikes again!

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