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Cyclolumpus2 post(s)
#07-Nov-23 13:49


Is it possible to add the graticule labels (latitude and longitude) on the border of a map in the layout. This was possible in Release 8, but I cannot find how to do it in #9.



526 post(s)
#07-Nov-23 14:26

Now is a good time to put this in as suggestions for feature(s).

Please review the suggestion page.

186 post(s)
#07-Nov-23 14:28

Hello, this functionality is not yet available in Manifold 9. As far as layouts are concerned, this is one of the features I need most in my day-to-day tasks, but so far I haven't seen any progress in this area. I recommend submitting a suggestion to to implement this much needed feature

Cyclolumpus2 post(s)
#08-Nov-23 09:21

I've now sent a suggestion. It's very disappointing that it hasn't been implemented in V9. Very much needed for scientific publishing.

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