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Home - General / All posts - SQL for ArcPro 3.1.3 install is corrupt
dano2 post(s)
#27-Oct-23 19:43

SQL4arc is not seeing data in the GDB when I open the project pane. It shows the GDB, but no data is showing. When I try to do a simple select, I get the error message:

SELECT * FROM [MT_Names.gdb]::[MT_Names];

Invalid object reference.

I'm running on a Windows 11 box. Also, I tried to load the Addin from a previous version (i.e. prior to ArcPro 3.x). I received the message "incompatible version" so I purchased the latest version and installed with no errors.

I'm a bit bummed that I have to purchase support for a failed install.

dano2 post(s)
#27-Oct-23 20:49

Okay, it seems that the FGDB's I was trying to reference were not the latest GDB version. I performed an upgrade on the GDB to the latest version (10.0) and all seems okay.

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