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#18-Oct-23 14:20

I have linked a Ms-Access database in a M9 project, in which a query (named query1) is running allright (both from MS-Access and from M9).

SELECT Bedrperc.Id, Bedrperc.mfd_id, Bedrperc.OIDN

FROM Bedrperc

WHERE (((Bedrperc.OIDN)=114400));

when I change ...=114400 to ...=[Forms]![FormBedrpercAll]![Tekst94]

the query runs well in MS-Access with the Form actively open

but when in M9 I refresh the MS-Access link the query1 does not show anymore in the list.

Any guidance is much accepted as well as to :

a) why is my query1 disappearing in M9 , after changes made to ...=[Forms]![FormBedrpercAll]![Tekst94]

b) is it possible to have query1 run in M9 when referencing a value on a Ms-Access Form , in case

... WHERE (((Bedrperc.OIDN)=[Forms]![FormBedrpercAll]![Tekst94]

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