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#03-Oct-23 23:22

Database technologies pass into and out of style, yes. At the moment I'm using "DuckDB" for a few things which its particularly-evolved SQL syntax does well. Also, it's quite fast.

Accessing it from within Manifold 9 would be great, but I haven't yet had luck via its ODBC driver on Windows 10.

I've got the DuckDB ODBC driver correctly installed, and I'm able to use it in Power Query without any problems

I haven't had luck in Manifold (9.0.181) as of yet, with an "Unsupported Exception" error, however:

If the "Source" object syntax is wrong, please advise. Otherwise, I'm mostly at a loss on how to troubleshoot with my existing skillset, and I expect the solution here is "contact the driver provider", etc. Thanks for any advice on where to look.


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#15-Feb-24 02:05

I gave this another shot this morning and found that

  • I am unable to connect to DuckDB via the Windows ODBC driver, but
  • I am able to connect to DuckDB via the Windows ODBC driver, via the Manifold "OLEDB" data source

Here are the two queries that produce the data sources and then attempt to issue a duckdb sql statement

The log pane shows nothing for the ODBC attempt, but contains some kind of OLEDB error message when running the OLEDB command.

Now, I know this is getting "inside baseball", and I'm ok to use the ODBC-to-OLEDB-to-Manifold, but am wondering if there's something obvious I'm missing that would remove the need to use OLEDB at all. It may be the case that ODBC isn't widely used with Manifold, given the availability of high-performance "native" connectivity technology included in the product already. Thank you again for any advice.


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