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#15-Sep-23 01:02

I thought I would break the drought and ask a question . Is there a way to point Manifold 9's project disk cache to a different drive?

I have been trying to mosaic a region wide set of 0.3 x 0.3m RGB images and just opening them largely fills the C:\ drive which is a 2TB SSD. I then begin to mosaic the images and the 128GB RAM is quickly filled before the C:\ drive gets completely filled and the project crashes.

I have a 14TB external drive available so if I could point the project cache here, this might be a solution. Many thanks for any pointers.

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#15-Sep-23 06:28

I think that's just a matter of where you put your TEMP space. That's a Windows user environment variable that by default is set to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp (replace <username> with the username you use to login).

To get to the Environment Variables dialog in Windows 11, on the Windows taskbar, right-click the Windows icon and select System. In the Settings window, on the Related links line, click Advanced system settings. That opens a System Properties dialog. In the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables.


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#15-Sep-23 06:49

Easy as that. Thanks Dimitri, much appreciated

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