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HeyGL8 post(s)
#02-Sep-23 05:26

Hi friends,

I've made a few attempts at finding out how I can convince Manifold to treat Database Views as Tables rather than queries.

How exactly does Manifold treat database views, and what special tricks are there that I'm clearly not aware of?

Any good readings?




524 post(s)
#02-Sep-23 17:09

Does running the query get you results?

As I have understood it, that Views were essentially a stored SQL query in the first place. the Tabular result of the View should be the tabular result of the Manifold query. I don't have a SQL server instance up to test this.


10,447 post(s)
#01-Oct-23 12:19

See this help topic for some notes:

DBMS Data Sources - Notes

One thing in particular regarding views is that views with unique fields sometimes don't communicate that they have unique fields - or don't do that in the way understood by Manifold. In this case, the records in the view will be seen as read-only in Manifold despite being read-write. If there is only one unique field, however, you can make the records read-write by clicking that field and invoking the Set as Identity command.

nooramila2 post(s)
#07-Oct-23 21:27

When you create or open a database view in Manifold, it essentially runs the underlying SQL query to retrieve the data. So, you should be able to see the results of the query.

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