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#28-Aug-23 13:13

There's a new video published to the video page:

10 Minute Tutorial - WMS from Manifold Server


New in Release 9 : WMS serving! Universal and Server editions of Manifold Release 9 have the built-in ability to host websites using Manifold Server. What's new is how Server automatically creates a WMS server page when you create a GIS-enabled web page with Server. There's no programming required and no extra configuration required.

In the first two minutes, this video shows how to connect with an WMS client to a WMS data source automatically created by Server for the example demo page from the Manifold web site.

Next we show variations, like how transparency works, and how to connect to an alternate version of the project that has been set up to use a different background layer, a hill-shaded terrain elevation layer for the entire world. Super!

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