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#15-Aug-23 15:15

IS there a webpage on forum or manifold website that cover

1) the version number of MS library framework or SDK that Manidol Gis Softwares use ?

2) an external C# editor ( not Visual studio) that support more that what the defaut internal maniifold editor ( C# SQL) do ?


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#19-Aug-23 10:52

We are using .NET 4.8. This will change to .NET core in the future.

There are plenty of editors for C# / SQL. Eg, if you are looking for a cross-platform one (and this is why you are excluding Visual Studio), there is Visual Studio Code. None of them understand the syntax of Manifold SQL, however, for now that requires writing an extension.

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#19-Aug-23 22:49

…which Riivo has started. (I never came through on my offer to help—at least not yet.)



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#20-Aug-23 07:57

Riivo's extension is really super. I've added a comment to the thread on his extension that provides step by step instructions for installation of his extension.

Visual Studio Code (VSCode or just "code") is an excellent choice for a cross platform editor. It's actually way more than just an editor, so much so that many people use it instead of the full Visual Studio environment. The comment I added in the thread on the extension cites an online tutorial for installing and using VSCode.

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