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#09-Jul-23 17:18

SHA256: 4a06c10416b13f541b48100086c712aa86abdb36312f86023e309b671fec9abb

SHA256: 7fe3de6ada5449ac815018e74bb350770a1337bbbec16ef5fcf01c2542cce787

SHA256: d3bb28d1bb21379e7455f34333fa5c8b6a5075c2aa0e10cb44ed1fa418aefce5


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#09-Jul-23 17:19


The Javascript control used by the HTTP server includes the Info tool. Clicking the Info tool changes the cursor into a crosshair, clicking on the map with the Info tool active takes one of the objects under the cursor and shows its field values. Retrieving field values from the server is performed asynchronously without reloading the page.

The Info tool picks the topmost layer with the pick mode <> none (shown in the Layers pane) that is currently visible (was not hidden due to the min / max scale restrictions, was not hidden explicitly via the list of layers in the Javascript control, and was not hidden in the map without appearing in the list of layers in the Javascript control).

The Info tool shows all fields except the binary ones in the order specified by the schema.

The Info tool formats field values according to the styles set in the table window.

The Info tool works on touch screens.

New HTTP server endpoint:

  • /info - returns data for the Info tool as a JSON, supports the following parameters: bounds / size / layermod with the same meaning as in /map, center=XX,YY specifies click coordinates in pixels (the default is the center of the screen), radius=RR specifies search radius in pixels (the default is 6, same as on the desktop).

End of list.


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#09-Jul-23 18:37

and just like that, my kitchen map server now does what 80% of all Internet map servers do :-)

the info tool returns the data instantaneously. Next up I suppose would be a way to select a layer in the layers pane so that you can get information on other layers. For example, in my site if you drill way down, the only way to get information on the trees in Ithaca is to turn off the parcel layer.

I like the way the endpoint is defined. I imagine it won't be long before you willprovide REST endpoints to return the data in different ways, allowing Manifold to operate as a data portal, serving up WMS, WFS, etc., to other applications.

And, if there is a way to create the SQL queries like in 8, that likely allows Manifold to do 90% or more of what most sites do. Getting very close to a poor man's ArcOnline with little to no effort, or even a Geoserver implementation without the hassle of rolling your own server (although, I suppose one could serve Geoserver using a cable modem like I did - but, you'd still have all the hassle of setting up and administering Geoserver).

At this point, simply knowing how to load data and style the maps is all that you need for a map server.


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#13-Jul-23 20:51

'operate as a data portal, serving up WMS, WFS, etc.'

That should be the goal. A low maintenance and easy to set up tool to serve OGC compliant services.

Organizations that want to adapt to CHANGE are using products that can adapt.


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#11-Jul-23 06:20

A quick note on this build: the Info tool is experimental, surprisingly complex internally and has been issued earlier than usual in the development process. It is a beta version tool to allow the community to help find any unknown quirks, taking advantage of the great variability of how the HTTP server is used in real life.

Build 180.5 has two known quirks that will be removed in the next build: First, the web image should be square, that is, 400 x 400 or 600 x 600 or 800 x 800 with the same x and y dimensions. When x and y dimensions are not the same, like a 800 x 600 web image, accuracy of clicks to objects drops off dramatically.

Second, mapping of Info tool clicks to underlying area objects uses the bounding boxes of underlying areas, not the exact area geometry. That's a simplification that works OK in many cases but can generate confusing results for convoluted area shapes. The production version of the tool will use more precise geometry.

Please send any reports directly to tech if you encounter any quirks other than the above. The Server: Publish Web Maps topic has already been updated, so please check there first for any questions on how the Info tool should work.

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