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Louise James50 post(s)
#31-May-23 02:15

I am running Manifold Win 10.

I have a large map with many components from the Projects folder/subfolders.

I would like to list the map components, and their respective folder. Often I have layer in the map that I have difficulty finding in the project folder/s.

Some years ago the I sourced the attached code from this forum. The method was to open a map and run the code. It worked for some time, but now no long works. Message returned (see attached) - Error loading type library DLL - Exception from HResult:... TypeE Cant load library

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks and kind regards

List map layers d_ Open Map_ New file in same folder.txt
Message box.jpg


2,082 post(s)
#01-Jun-23 22:13

No need for a script, there is a tool for that- Layers.

Tools/Customize/Layers will list all layers in the open map.

Drag that window into the Project Pane and minimise when finished with so the tab is always available.

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Louise James50 post(s)
#02-Jun-23 02:45

Many thanks Colin for the response.

Yes I am viewing the layer listing, I need to know what folder each layer comes from please. Hope this is a little clearer. Many thanks and kind regards


524 post(s)
#03-Jun-23 17:53

In the same pull-down Tools/Project is probably what you are looking at if you are not trying to script this.

Project pane handles the hierarchical structure of components including the folder component.

Louise James50 post(s)
#04-Jun-23 20:55

Thanks Oeaulong, Yes I have both the Layer and projects panes open. What I am chasing is the combination of these two panes. The script used to produce a text file reporting each layer, and its respective project folder.

I am hoping someone may be able to identify the issue in running the current script.

Many thanks again for all your ideas here. All appreciated. Kind regards

10,094 post(s)
#05-Jun-23 03:35

The error message shows a .NET problem, probably simple.

This could be that you don’t have the right version of .NET installed, or that you haven’t installed IronPython 2.x correctly, or haven’t placed the required assemblies in Manifold’s path.

Without such details, it’s hard to say anything useful.

Louise James50 post(s)
#05-Jun-23 04:05

Thanks Tim. I will look at the ideas you have raised here. Many thanks

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