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#26-May-23 12:45

There's a new video on the Videos page: Stack Many Big Images in a Web Map

Description: Working with Manifold Release 9 we create multiple versions of a 60 GB image without increasing the size of project. The different images all show data from the same table, but with different styling for hill shading using different Z scales.

Hill shading that looks good at a particular scale will look too dark or too intense when zoomed farther in and will look insufficiently shaded when zoomed far out. Manifold allows creation of many images from the same data with each such image styled for what looks good at a particular zoom level.

You can then stack the different images in the same map, using the Layers pane zoom ranges settings to turn the images off and on as you zoom in and out. The video shows how easy all that is to do, with various facilities to make it easy to match the zoom levels at which different layers turn off and on. The video also shows how to set up a legend to show the thematic format for terrain despite there being many layers in use to show the same terrain.

The video closes with a quick demo of how to publish the created map as a web page using Manifold Server: a few clicks and you have a web page with no programming required, and no web server or map server required.


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#26-May-23 21:36

Another great demonstration of superb software design

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