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Home - General / All posts - GDAL 3.7.0 supports GDB raster

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#25-May-23 06:05

This is probably too early for a supported GDAL dataport (I see 3.3 support in the manual).

GDAL 3.7.0 now can read rasters from ESRI GDB. (the driver is called OpenFileGDB).

But, it's a pretty big deal that's been on the burner for several years in open source so wanted Manifold folks to know (Richard Barnes did the initial work to reverse engineer the format, Even Rouault wrote the mature GDAL driver).

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#25-May-23 17:47

I think we're stuck back on 2021's v3.3.3.

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#25-May-23 19:00



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#27-May-23 08:52

Thanks. We will try to support GDAL 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7.

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