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#24-May-23 10:01

There's a new video added to the videos page: How to Create Azimuthal Projection Maps - It's longer than usual at 19 minutes but worth watching for the mix of features it shows in action.

Description: An azimuthal projection shows the Earth as it might look from a spot hovering overhead a particular location, showing one hemisphere of the Earth. A classic problem using such coordinate systems to display vector data is that vector objects which are on the hidden side of the Earth will still be displayed if they are not clipped.

Using the example of a Vertical Perspective projection centered on Europe with a viewpoint 5000 kilometers above the Earth, this video shows a quick and easy way using Manifold Release 9 facilities to clip unwanted objects or parts of objects from the display.

The video also shows how to use raster layers in such displays, including image servers like Google Satellite. Works in the free Manifold Viewer too!

An example of an azimuthal projection:


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