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#22-May-23 15:53

Using nothing but a small laptop and cable modem running in my house, along with some free labor of my students for 1 minute, I tested the response of Manifold Server with about 100 hits per minute, or 6,000 hits per hour.

Not bad results for a product that is only about 2 weeks old, and as I indicate in my blog, things will run much faster once I get rid of the OSM tunneling. I'm hoping to get the University IT department to loan me a better computer. But, the nice thing here is that I was able to show what could be done for someone with severely limited resources.

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#23-May-23 10:26

Beebe Lake and memories of the Cornell Outing Club, 1974!

Very cool Art -- thanks for the demo. I am going to explore this one of these days.


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#23-May-23 10:45

far above Cayuga’s waters….

You could very likely create a Web map of all kinds of activities you guys are doing with ice boating on the Hudson. It would be so easy to stand up.

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