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#24-Mar-23 08:12

Everybody has probably heard about the new ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) that was funded with $10 billion from Microsoft. It's remarkably capable, with one reason why being that it has read and "knows" billions of web pages. It appears it also has read and knows the 5,000+ pages of Manifold's documentation.

One problem with using ChatGPT for Manifold users outside the US is that it requires a cell phone telephone number in the US or other supported country. However, Microsoft has just opened up access to a ChatGPT-enabled version of Bing that it seems anybody can use without needing a ChatGPT phone-number enabled account. The instructions for doing that are here.

I asked the new Bing to write some Manifold SQL for me to do a join, and it wrote some SQL:

Running that SQL in 9 worked great:

I then pressed the "What is Manifold GIS" button, and also asked a question about how to create watersheds, and got useful replies:

Just for fun, I also asked it a marketing question, and got a great response:

Just saying, if you haven't played with ChatGPT yet, the new ChatGPT-enabled Bing is one way of doing it, and it seems to be a useful way of getting help on Manifold. It's like having a friend who has read and remembers all 5,000+ pages of the documentation and who can offer tips. It's clear that sometimes those tips are incomplete or may be partially wrong, but they still can help point you in the right direction.



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#24-Mar-23 13:27

Computerphile just a few minutes ago posted a video interview of Dr. Rob Miles regarding his recent Bing Chat experience. So far ChatGPT (proper) seems to provide the best responses to my queries. I haven't found it argumentative, but rather contrite. I am very interested in this subject and would also point people to the recent Stanford release of LLaMA-78B that takes learning to an efficient level for pennies in comparison.

The differences between Bing & ChatGPT are notable even if there is a direct relationship.



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#25-Mar-23 10:23

Wow! Amazing! I have to test the SQL code created by the ChatGTP!


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#25-Mar-23 15:56

ChatGPT only this week released the ability for the API to directly connect and poll the internet allowing for specific add-ins to be made. Bing already integrated this capability with their implementation which, I believe, is why Dimitri received such usable results. I might be mistaken, but haven't personally gotten good results for Manifold SQL from ChatGPT directly, yet.

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