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Louise James50 post(s)
#22-Mar-23 00:41

I am using Manifold Build

I have created a drawing and need to export it as a shape file to import into another system. As part of the files I need to import, I need a prj file. Is there a way I can create and export an associated prj file please?

Many thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions. Kind regards



630 post(s)
#22-Mar-23 01:03


using 8, you have two options, export as Latitude / Longitudeprojection, then change projection in the other system, and or use the Edit Change Projection dialog to export a prj file.

There's some detail on reasons, andexporting *.prj files here in the manual.

Louise James50 post(s)
#22-Mar-23 01:08

Many thanks Dale. Yes. I see how I can save a prj file from the assign projection window. Excellent. Exactly what I was chasing. Thanks

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