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#16-Mar-23 17:14

Welcome to the new updates for Manifold 9 and SQL for ArcGIS Pro!

9.0.179.last - re-projecting a component copies style data, thematic styles remember method used to compute breaks, view or edit center of view in map or in layout frame as lat/lon / stored coordinates / projected coordinates - 'none' overlap mode to render all labels, autoenter name of table for a new drawing or image in the Transform pane - view or edit scale as an absolute value / pixel size / view size, Position / Scale status bar panes work for layout frames with maps - Save as Image allows specifying render DPI, allows specifying coordinates of rendered view directly - Save as Image tool for rendering maps to images of nearly arbitrary size, including or excluding virtual layers such as grid, rendering functions in queries

The updates are available on the Product Downloads page.

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