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#15-Mar-23 17:54

I was trying to install the Traditional Topology tools add in in a new computer and the installation run a second and then gave me a message saying that it requires .Net Framework 2.0.5. So I try to look for it, but the computer doesn't let me install it, since say it already has the latest .Net framework installed... I think it has the latest one 4.x or so.

So, how do I install that add-in in V8?

Thank you in advance, have a great day.


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#15-Mar-23 22:50

.NET Framework 2.x is installed with .NET Framework 3.5.

Under Windows 10, this is available on the installation media, e.g. USB installer.

If that is what you have, you can open an administrative PowerShell prompt, and enter

DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NETFX3 /Source:C:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess

replacing X by the drive letter for the installation media.

If you have a different OS, or no installation media, a different approach will be needed, but the same thing applies: install Framework version 3.5.


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#17-Mar-23 14:12

The UI way:

Settings -> Apps & features -> Programs and Features (a link on the right side) -> Turn Windows features on or off (a link on the left side) -> .NET Framework 3.5 (they even say that it includes .NET 2.0) -> OK. The nodes under .NET Framework 3.5 (related to Windows Communication Foundation) are not needed.

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#21-Mar-23 03:33

Hi guys. I did what you suggested and the install program started running.

Then it gives me this error message. And Say later another messages saying. This Window Installer Package has a problem.

What should I do?


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#22-Mar-23 17:46

Hey guys, just to let you know. I tried to install the Traditional Topology tools in a 32bits system and also gave me the same error (error2.png)

Anybody has noticed this? Any ideas?


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#22-Mar-23 19:37

Right click on the installer and run as administrator.

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