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wvayens109 post(s)
#10-Mar-23 04:03

I'm stumped....have noticed that when I print a layout to PDF (using Microsoft print to PDF) all of my circular icons are being changed to diamond icons.

The first image is a screen shot of what my layout looks like and the second is the screen shot of the similar area in the PDF output.

Any ideas on what might be causing this?


Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 10.58.08 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 10.58.33 PM.png


689 post(s)
#10-Mar-23 07:10

And some of them disappear.

10,094 post(s)
#10-Mar-23 07:33

Also, your smooth lines become jagged.

Try specifying a higher DPI setting?

wvayens109 post(s)
#10-Mar-23 13:49

No sure where a DPI setting would come into play when printing a layout to a PDF?



10,447 post(s)
#10-Mar-23 13:00

Is this Manifold 8 or Manifold 9? If it is Manifold 9, can it be that the Graphics mode in Options is set to 'Reduced' (if so, set it to 'Normal' instead)? Also, are you using Render scale?

wvayens109 post(s)
#10-Mar-23 13:49

Sorry, should have mentioned I'm using M9.

Checked the graphics mode in options is is set to 'Normal'.

Checked my layers, only had one using a render scale (and not the layer with the drawing). Tried resetting that to none and no change in my PDF output. Are you suggesting that setting a render scale might eliminate this problem?



10,447 post(s)
#17-Mar-23 13:30

Got it. With render scale I thought the reverse - having render scale might produce such artifacts.

Overall, it *looks* like the system tries to render with low resolution (approximates circles with diamonds, hides some of the labels, etc) while the resolution is high. It is unclear why the system would do that - render scale could have been the answer, but you say you aren't using it in the layers shown.

Could you post the file here? Or contact tech support and send it to them? You can delete everything that is not relevant to the two screens you posted, we only need enough data to reproduce the issue.

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