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#08-Mar-23 15:35

SHA256: 576c890ee84b9f3c7471ae3ff78dd197bf5f81dc816f9c2413ebea90391a9474

SHA256: 4384f6465570b3711db610a942d77d6aa39f7bd7a1903458cbb092cebfebeadc

SHA256: 5d503c578a6b3c3da28ce59cf424be36a0e07ea0357be7226625838ff68a275f


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#08-Mar-23 15:37


Visual C++ CRT is updated to 14.34.31938.0. This is a minor update with several fixes.

LIBWEBP is updated to 1.3.0. This is a minor update with several fixes, particularly for use from multiple threads.

MRSID SDK is updated to This adds support for generation 4 SID files.

SQLITE is updated to 3.41.0. This adds several performance improvements for queries. This also adds support for canceling long operations, which we might use in the future.

Reading coordinate system data from an IMG ERDAS file preserves the datum name.

Exporting data to TIFF produces TIFFW (world file) and PRJ.

Label layers support new overlap mode: 'none'. In this mode, the system always renders all labels, even if they overlap. (Note that rendering layers with a huge number of labels in this mode may take noticeably longer than it does in other modes since the system is forced to render every label with no skips.)

Rendering label layers with overlap mode set to 'none' only stores click data for the first million labels. (This avoids wasting big amounts of resources on data that is of very limited use.)

Rendering label layers with overlap mode set to 'layer' or 'map' with high resolution (eg, during printing) performs faster.

Entering the name of a new drawing / image in the Transform pane automatically enters the name of the new table. The name of the new table is adjusted according to the requirements of the target database (eg, if the database does not support names with spaces, spaces are replaced with underscores).

End of list.

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#08-Mar-23 15:56

Just a quick thanks for the 'none' overlap mode.

I turned it to 'none' on an existing layer and up popped a couple of missing labels already...thought I had them all moved so they'd show....guess not!

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#16-Mar-23 18:20

A user interface suggestion. Thoughts? What if the dialog box that appears when right-clicking in a blank area of the Project pane included "Import" as a menu option? Currently there is copy, paste, Create>, and export.

Adding import does two things at the same time, where you right-click is where the new layer is added, whether in a folder or in the main list of layers, and secondly, gets you to File > Import with one click. On the other hand, any downsides?

See screen shot mock-up



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#17-Mar-23 14:34

That context menu includes commands for the selected component. Commands that do not operate on any component in particular are not included (there are too many candidates).

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#17-Mar-23 15:24

OK, thanks Adam

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