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#08-Mar-23 10:03

I have a bunch of odd shaped satellite images I would like to merge into a single ecw to share with others.

I thought the merge images tool would be great for this, but it doesn't seem to recognise the alpha channel in prioritising the merge.

Eg if one image is transparent, it will just overwrite the underlying image with transparent pixels depending on the image order.

I used to be able to do this in M8 with the make image tool.

Is there any equivalent in M9, or another way to make a single image?

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#08-Mar-23 11:18

Yuo can try to first "knock out" pixels with alpha=0.

TileMaskReplace(<tile>, <mask>) : <tile>

Values of 0in the mask tile [...] will set the corresponding pixel in the image tile to invisible.

Given, you have created mask from alpha channel.


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#09-Mar-23 08:52

In addition to what Riivo suggests, you can also use Save as Image similarly to Manifold 8.


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#17-Mar-23 07:23

Thanks, I couldn't find save as image? I might need to update my install, haven't used it for a year or two.


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#17-Mar-23 09:25

It's in the main menu, Edit - Save as Image.

Update to the latest base build, 9.0.180, issued today. There are very many useful changes / additions / etc. in the last year or two. See, for example, the list in the News page.

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