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julmou28 post(s)
#26-Feb-23 10:05

Well, I used the "Snap to Grid" and "Snap to Bearing" modes before and, this is what I remember:

When I am in "Snap to Bearing" mode and go in the Snap Parameters, I can only change the number of Bearing Divisions. But when I'm in "Snap to Grid" mode, and go to the same Snap Parameters dialog, I remember having the option to change the Grid Steps, as shown in the picture below.

Well, I don't know if it is a bug, but it is certainly frustrating -> it seems that, even though I am using a Map and a Drawing using a UTM projection (so a with a proper grid, using meters), when I am in "Snap to Grid" mode, the options to change the Grid steps simply aren't there. I have no clue why.

Please see the recording below. Is it a bug? Should the settings be there?


7,348 post(s)
#26-Feb-23 18:17

Recent builds (see the What's New topic) have added a Grid virtual layer. See the Grid topic. Snap to Grid now snaps to whatever the grid that has been specified using the Grid dialog (see that topic).

There may be topics floating around in Help that haven't yet been updated, but it looks like the Snap Modes topic has been updated. If you find a topic that hasn't been updated, send in a note as a suggestion.

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