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#24-Feb-23 22:01

Could anyone advise me of how to convert the hexadecimal colour codes found in Manifold 8 theme xml files to the numbers found in Manifold 9 JSON Style strings? I have a bunch of standard colour themes that I wish to migrate from M8 to M9 but am unsure how to go about the conversion.

I am aware that I can just save the themed layer in an M8 project and simply import this (nice), but I would quite like to understand it so that I can do it programmatically.

Many thanks in advance

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#25-Feb-23 07:08

The color codes in M8 XML files are most likely in hexadecimal aarrggbb format. Convert to a decimal number for use in M9.

See for more info how to do so.


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#26-Feb-23 22:12

Great. Thanks for the pointer Sloots. Appreciated as ever.

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