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#17-Feb-23 08:34

I'm having difficulty accessing data with a wmts URL.

Starting with the Province of BC Data Catalogue (with a search for "basemap") leads to a link for Webmap (standard) Clicking Access/Download brings to BC Basemap (with hillshade) and this link which is a page that at the bottom, right corner has a URL to copy, the URL being

Then in M9, File > Create > New Data Source > More > Type: Web Server: mwts then provide a name and paste in the URL into the source.

However, I don't see anything I can add to a map

I tried in QGIS as well Layer > Add Layer > add WMS/WMTS > New. Then add a layer name and paste in the above URL. This results in "failed to parse capabilites"

Is the URL mafformed? Does the BC Data URL above work for anyone? I will report to BC Data but not if I'm the only one having difficulties.

Testing an alternative mwts url, searching the web I found this WMTS url at this page and this URL works fine, yielding this layer below.



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#17-Feb-23 10:44

That's not WMTS, that's ArcGIS REST.

Further, ArcGIS REST servers expose different services. We support MapServer, ImageServer and FeatureServer, not VectorTileServer.

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#17-Feb-23 16:19

Thanks Adam. I'll submit a feature request to requesting support for VectorTileServer for ArcGIS REST, (unless there is a reason to not request this feature). Seems our provincial government is abandoning .wms and is moving to ArcGIS REST serving VectorTiles (not sure the exact terminology).


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#18-Feb-23 09:02

If you need something, sending in a suggestion is always a great idea, so I'd encourage you to do that.

New features get prioritized mainly by the balance between how many people want them, how easy/hard they are to do,and whether they might have a catalytic effect on making other parts of the system more effective.

Everything starts with requests/suggestions: It's important to "vote" even if you only send in a short request. Those add up.

But if something is really important to you, it can be worth it to make an extra effort beyond a short note. More effective lobbying can help if only one or two people ask for something.

Visit the Suggestions page and read it for overall tips. What you're asking for is basically a new format, so check out the advice in the New Formats section of that page. When relatively few people ask for something new, it helps if they provide the supporting data that makes it easier to implement, such as providing a source that gives an authoritative description of the format, citing an organization that publishes a very large amount of useful data in that format, and so on.

For something like a vector tileserver version of ArcGIS REST, that seems to be a niche thing at the present time, so my guess is it would gain priority if a) lots of people were using it or b) there emerged some big collection of data being served in that format. Of course, pretty much every accepted standard started out in the beginning as a niche thing, so there's a balance between waiting for something to take off and being among the first to support something new that looks like it will be popular.

Suggestions help Manifold to get that balance right, so don't hesitate to vote. At a minimum, take a minute or two to send in a short request. You can always add to that later if you want.

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#18-Feb-23 21:14

Thanks Dimitri. I submitted a feature request to support ArcGIS REST TileServer.

A call-out to Manifold users using the data catalogue published by the Province of BC to submit a similar feature request if you are so inclined. The province seems to be adopting ArcGIS Rest TileServer in place of wms. For instance the BC Basemap in wms was last updated in 2018 and deprecated in Nov 2022. The wms layer is still available for now but the data is 5 or more years out of date.

P.S. Curious how many Manifold users there are in BC?

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#01-Mar-23 03:14

I am in BC. I also recently tried to use the BC data catalogue without success. I was going to try to figure out why, but your post and this thread has answered that question. I will support your feature request by submitting as well. This would be very useful for me; thanks for bringing it up!

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#01-Mar-23 19:55

Thanks TomG for the support. It'll be nice to get the layers as vector which we can customize the Style versus the .wms images.

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#02-Mar-23 03:25

I submitted the request and got a courteous acknowledgement back. So I guess now just have to wait and see what happens.

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